Green Hills British Kindergarten


Sample menu for the kindergarten


Breakfast: noodle milk soup, bread with butter and soft cheese, tea with lemon
Snack: apricot juice, banana
Lunch: potato soup with dry bread, chicken rissol with buckwheat, fresh salad, dry fruit compote, «Health» bread
Snack:  «Children» cookies, cocoa
Dinner: omelet with vegetables, corn, compote


Breakfast: barley porridge with pumpkin, bread with butter and cheese, tea
Snack: apple juice, fruit salad
Lunch: beetroot soup with sour cream,  beef fillet with mashed potato, carrot and apple salad, dry fruit compote with rose, bread
Snack: cake, kefir
Dinner: plov with fruits, fresh tomato, green tea


Breakfast: oatmeal porridge, hot bread with butter and cheese, cocoa
Snack: pear juice, apple
Lunch: noodle soup,  chachochbili with rice, fresh cucumber, dry fruit compote, bread with bran
Snack: “Apple” cookies,  yoghurt
Dinner: vegetable ragout with meat, kissel


Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, bread with butter and jam, green tea
Snack: grape juice, pear
Lunch: peas soup, zrazy with eggs, boiled potato with green, beetroot and cheese salad,  dry fruit compote with buck thorn, bread
Snack: patty, ryazhenka
Dinner: penne with chicken, green peas, compote


Breakfast: rice porridge, bread with butter and cheese, tea with milk
Snack: apricot juice, fruit salad
Lunch: thick pumpkin soup, chicken wings baked, macaroni, vinaigrette, dry fruit compote, bread with bran
Snack: wafers, milk  
Dinner: cottage cheese baked, sour cream, tea