Green Hills British Kindergarten

About us

Established in October 2008, Green Hills British Kindergarten is the first British Kindergarten to operate in Kazakhstan.

We aim to provide the highest quality of care in social and academic development to all our children. Children who attend Green Hills British Kindergarten have an advantage in gaining entry to Haileybury Almaty School. Green Hills British Kindergarten is made up of 2 Nursery classes, 2 Reception classes and a 5 Year-Old class. The classes are led by an experienced native English speaking teacher and 2 teaching assistants.

We welcome children from 2 and a half to 4 years in our Nursery classes. In our Nursery classes, the children are encouraged to explore, to think creatively and express themselves in different ways. It is important that the children gain confidence and grow in independence over these years. Children learn when it is safe to take risks and when they can make mistakes knowing that there will be someone to help and support them.

Theme topic work encompasses all areas of learning and is included in our daily activities.

Whether we are changing our shoes, sharing our news, handling play-dough or painting, the learning is in progress.

Structured play is an important part of the curriculum in our Kindergarten. Play is planned, assessed and extended by the teachers and assistants whose role is crucial in developing the children’s language and learning. We want the children in the Nursery to enjoy their first experience of school.

Reception classes are for children age 4 to 5 years. In Reception, we build on the child’s previous learning and understanding through a more structured curriculum. Literacy and Numeracy, alongside other areas of learning, are linked to a theme each term. These themes include the children looking at themselves, their families and other living things. They investigate the man-made world as well as talking about past events and looking at objects from long ago. We help them to look at their environment and contrast it with others, questioning why things happen and how they work.

Our 5 Year-Old class is for children aged 5+. The curriculum of the 5 Year-Old class, is an extension of the Reception syllabus, and is designed to enhance and build on the skills and knowledge our children have already acquired. Although the class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, it allows for a more academic focus that has been adapted for children whose needs benefit from a traditional way of teaching. However the formal teaching method is equally balanced with fun interactive learning.